Friday, February 26, 2010

Makes me feel like sitting on the lawn with my Pimm's no.1


 Thanks again Miss T, for the fabric shopping trip to Liberty's. I'm saving the purple satin ribbon.
My dear Dad's recipe for Pimm's no.1 Cup:
One and a half tots Pimm's
Half tot Grenadine
Dash of Bitters
Cucumber Peel (one in glass &; one for decoration)
1 Slice of orange
1 Slice of lemon
1 Maraschino cherry on a stalk
Shake and top up with lemonade and ice.
How I miss him.


tanja said...

why that is just lovely! think you need some white lace gloves and a cloche hat to complete the look. a closer up detailed picture of the neckline is requested.

philip said...

just lovely