Saturday, April 10, 2010

Here There Be Monsters

  The boot sale was lovely this morning - sea breezy with big puddles of water reflecting scudding clouds. Had my usual long natter with Ernie on the way out. He didn't trade last week, but walked past as I was discussing The Curtain with my friend. So he says to me: "Lordy! You didn't buy that thing, did you? HIDEOUS!"
Then we had a giggle about some of the more eccentric antique dealers in town - one of them being Hans Niehaus in Claremont. I often stop by to pet his three-legged cat who acts like a lovelorn teen. The shop is full of beautiful things, nothing has a marked price, everything is very dusty.
We paid a visit to Dr Lin yesterday - this is mostly the result of my poor darling carrying a 15kg camera on his shoulders for days on end. The weight of a child, but not yielding in any way.  Neither of us have been near the needles before, so I asked if I could observe. Thinner than a human hair, twenty-two needles were inserted - some of them going in a good two inches. I found myself standing with my hand clasped over my mouth (so as not to scream?). I made copious notes - a lot more to write about sometime soon.
I received an e-mail from Europe the other day, asking why I don't have links to all of the people and places I talk about. Well, this is the simple answer: I'm not being secretive - these people just don't have websites or in some cases, computers. Some of them don't even have cellphones or know how to send a text message. Remember - we are in deepest, darkest Africa, where wild animals roam the streets by night. Please don't be discouraged from visiting, though - most of our huts are on stilts.

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tanja said...

I'm glad your hut is raised now, last time you were waiting for stilts. Is the view improved and do the lions prowl beneath it at night and make you and mr P quake in your pyjamas? betcha they do.