Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sine Qua Non.

Touenke Djami Roger
36 years old.
Born in Minta, Central Province of Cameroon.
Bamileke Tribe.

The strong man. He comes from a family of big people. At home he trained in graphics and screen printing. During the course of our talks, he told me a story Shakespearian in it's twists and turns. He left that life behind and came here to discover more, to know more. Ex Judo champion of Cameroon, Roger dreams of starting a school where he can teach homeless children martial arts and soccer.
"You throw a stone, you don't know where it will land."


D said...

Lovely, lovely portrait. I've been toying with the idea of slowly collecting vignettes, doing a book of little 1-2 page stories/portraits of all sorts of people. Or maybe just refugees, since I am convinced they are generally the cream of humanity, the most educated, intelligent, motivated and courageous, and unexpectedly, so often the most moral too. And yet we treat them as if they are parasites instead of recognising that any society is made better by absorbing people like this.

But I think maybe you'd do a much better job of it.

The Sourcerer said...

Thank you D.
That's a great idea! Collaboration?
And the stories I've been hearing....

D said...