Friday, October 19, 2012

Girls with pink boots and some horses I know.

Years and years ago, before I had a car, I used to catch buses and walk much more than I do today. So it had been many years since I found myself on foot, walking past the big bus terminus near the Grand Parade. The same queues of bored-looking people, a large woman sitting with her legs spread wide open, shouting at the passers-by. The hustle and the bustle. We passed a shallow doorway and two thin and tattooed men were crouched there, the one meticulously shaving the other one's head with a naked razor blade. We strode across to the Castle of Good Hope, to see a photography exhibition.

you stole the show.
Happy Birthday!

A few nights ago, I had a dream about a grey horse. Since then I have been feeling a little sad. But there are other horses out there. Bigger ones.

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inge said...

Ah thanks so much for going to see the exhibition Lilly.
So much appreciated> glad you liked my shoes.. grin
and thanks for the bday wishes.
Hope you are very well - its been ages and ages and ages..