Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Familiar.

When I was a child, most people in South Africa didn't know what Halloween was. I remember wondering about it whilst reading the Archie comics, but the holiday itself and all of its' customs passed us by.
Now, with the world becoming a smaller place, you find some Halloween candy and big orange pumpkins at Pick'n'Pay and a few people actually go out trick-or-treating.

 Yesterday at twilight, as I turned into the driveway, I saw a gathering of people in costume up on the hill. There's a cat who lies at the end of my driveway more often than not, and the ritual is that I go and have a chat at the end of each day.
While we were talking, I heard a woman call my name, rather sweetly. Then a man joined in, but he sounded really irate. Lily! Li-LY!! Eventually with a growl: "She just never listens!"
I walked out and there they were. She: top hat, skull make-up, short red cloak. Him: swirling orange cloak with a big black bat applique on the back. Further down the road, looking disconsolate but rooted to the spot: shiny brown sausage dog.

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