Friday, February 1, 2013

Show Business.

People often think that this is a glamorous industry. There's very little of that, in the art department. But we get around, we see extraordinary things, we meet a plethora of people. The last few weeks have been a right old merry-go-round.

A director who greets one in the mornings, by name. A production designer turned friend, with endless amounts of compassion and understanding. (I wiped away a tear to see him fly away)
A forty meter long Chinese dragon with yellow panted operators. Acrobats. A man soaring through the air in a harness. A prop master's tales of his miniature horse named Geoffrey - we rooted for him through a case of lockjaw. A Japanese director of photography who bent spoons at the breakfast table, claiming that it depleted him so, he was sad over his supper.
A beautiful young contortionist.
World weariness with spangles.

(Photograph courtesy of the Gedi)

Cape Town is dry and dusty. There have been fires in the veldt and at night a dark pumpkin moon hangs over the city. On Monday I travel back in time to the 1840's. Old Texas, the world of the Comanche, horses, tipis and the wild, wild West.
Then it will be Winter and whatever follows that, still a mystery.


Petro said...


Ek het jou stories gemis. Jy laat my lewe so saai en gewoon klink.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! I love this blog. Best google find ever! You should put it together in a book.

the sourcerer said...

thanks guys...
a book is the big wish!

Anonymous said...

The best way to achieve the book goal is to use SEO - search engine optimisation so that you appear prominently on google. That way more people will stumble across your blog and maybe one of them is a publisher and offers you a contract.

the sourcerer said...

Thanks for the advice!
At some stage I disabled a bunch of settings, as I was getting so much spam on my site, but I've enabled them again, so let's see...

Anonymous said...

Glad I could help. God luck!

D said...

I was just saying to Rosie that it would be awesome to do a book of the best of the dark and dusty corners of the internet. Where site owners don't update every day or rely on traffic for business or ego. Just these jewels, from people who can't help but write and photograph and need somewhere to keep those sketches alive. Known by a few thousand people at most.

Pick out the best of the timeless snippets, maybe put a limit on maximum traffic so that it really is new and fresh. Maybe it's been done already?

I one thing I hate about the internet is that old stuff is devalued. Maybe the first step would be a website like that instead of a book. Deliberately structured to not have a timeline.

Either way, you'd be there.