Wednesday, April 24, 2013


On our breaks, at the breakfast table, we talk about leaving the film industry, of what we'd do. Many of us dream of other things. But there are moments and there are people... they happen when you least expect it and make it all worthwhile.
The other morning just before daybreak, I got a lift with the props people on the back of a Land Cruiser. Sitting there in the crisp, cold air between the muskets and the hides and the arrows and the quivers. Up the winding mountain road, horses galloping ahead of us and horses behind. There's a row of pine trees where the lane is very narrow, so you brush against them and the smell stays with you. It brings back memories of good things.
Or waiting for the rain to let up and someone plays a song. We're stamping our feet anyway, because it's cold, so we end up dancing and laughing for a while, in a small tipi, on a mountain, at seven in the morning.  Thando...

At night I dream I'm being followed.

But, four more sets to go and then some time off.
A road trip. Open spaces, clouds and sheep.
Karoo my love.


ckzero said...

The End

A little Lily short film, about a film, but not what the film is about. About what the film is not about. Around about a film.

There are moments and people and dreams.

the sourcerer said...

birthday boy!

Sara said...

Even if you give me hate, I will give you Thando.

the sourcerer said...

Ja, nê.