Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cool things #1.

The cool thing about hanging around with a kid is that you get to do things that you wouldn't otherwise. Kid things.
The people who work at Eagle Encounters are knowledgeable, kind and helpful. We watched a falcon being tended to: Dubbin on the leathery legs, Zambuk on the chafe place under the wing.

There is also a crow to pet, many other wild birds to look at, a show with an eagle, a porcupine neatly peeling his butternut
before eating it, vultures...
and all the while, the owls call, low and wavering.

Beforehand, we went to see master blacksmith and friend Conrad Hicks's first solo exhibition in the garden at Tokara. Peacocks and iron sculptures dripping in the rain. On till end September and an absolute delight. There are long couches next to a huge fireplace in the deli.
Persian love cake and a glass of inky pinotage, dark and delicious.


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