Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chronicles of a Thief.

Monday, 14 October
Mr Owl loves Lindt chocolate. Specifically: Red Lindor balls. So Mr Owl buys himself the bumper pack (750g). He gives one to the Sourcerer, proving he is not a true chocoholic, as we don't share, and eats one himself. He leaves on a recce to the desert.

Wednesday, 16 October
Mr Owl returns from the desert. He reaches into his drawer to find.... a large, empty box. He accuses his wife of being a prankster. He asks the Sourcerer if she took them. Even though she didn't, she feels guilty and gazes at the floor. He suspects other co-workers. Mr Owl and the Sourcerer talk about locks for the office doors. The Props Master gives Mr Owl some chocolate and immediately regrets it - she fears she is now suspect number 1.

Thursday, 17 October
Suspicion. Insults. A lot of swearing. The Sourcerer eats a slab of organic white chocolate with vanilla seeds on her lonesome.

Friday, 18 October
Mr Owl finds a small scrap of red foil in the lower drawer of his desk. He follows a trail to the garden shed. The following i-Message exchange takes place.

Mr Owl:
High Class Mouse Nest

The Sourcerer:

Mr Owl:
I have started washing them off and eating them!

The Sourcerer:
Eek! Bleach!

Mr Owl:
Actually they are fine. This guy was just hoarding them. The ones he bit into I have thrown away, but I just can't bring myself to throw away the ones that have hardly been touched, just dragged off one by one into his lair!

The Sourcerer:
I understand.

Mr Owl:
Don't lie, you are disgusted

The Sourcerer:
No. My name is Lily and I am a chocoholic.

Saturday, 19 October
Mr Owl:
The Lindor thief is dead.

The Sourcerer:
Long live the thief...


Leslie said...

Too funny! Accusations flying around.
At least you have vermin with good taste.

the sourcerer said...

yup... left the rice cakes and the bread untouched!

SSH said...

D e l i g h t f u l !
Can't help but feel sad the slim little sweet tooth is no more...