Thursday, April 23, 2015

The ides of April.

Never was there more welcome news: a call sheet that read
Shoot Day 40 of 40.

Then, one more obstacle. Removal of Basal Cell Carcinoma. South Africa's sunny skies, my youth spent swimming and running around on the beach. What did we know about sunscreen...
I have this to say: don't be a procrastinator like me. I could have saved myself a lot of worry and had a much smaller scar if I had gone a long time ago. I am twelve stitches wiser.

While time heals,  I build collages.

They are a mixture of Istanbul and our garden.
My heart still points to that wonderful place, sharp as a knife.
We will spend the month of September there and I can barely wait.


Marie said...

Eina, bokkie! My mom just had one zapped, too, on her arm. Factor 5 was for wusses when we were little. Sigh. Now it's 50.

Istanbul for a month. Damn. Will you go sideways, to a dorp, too? Ayvalik is nice. A ferry ride, good meatballs, lovely market, old streets. Sob - neem my saam.

the sourcerer said...

Hmmm sideways, or across the plains... I have this wish to go to Gaziantep. 11 Hour drive anyone?

Marie said...

...and if you go on a bus, that's an adventure in itself. With a boy serving tea constantly, and many stops for very good truck stop food.