Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bird of passage.

The usual suspects arrived.

A scruffy Karoo Robin and his wife had daily baths
in the ashes from our fires.

The flamingoes were never silent. Do they ever sleep?
In the mornings pelicans came sailing past on the lagoon.
After breakfast one day, I was startled by some mouse birds who came to inspect the crumbs. I had always thought that they were shy.
My heart almost stopped from happiness!

So graceful in flight, with their long long tails. So awkward on land, scuttling about on their little pink elbows.

You what?

Every night a fat orange moon rose over the water. The Bethlehem stars shone very bright.

In our absence, back at home, a new orchid shook out her
party skirts.


ckzero said...

Is daar 'n Lily onder daai lap?

the sourcerer said...