Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I'm thoroughly enjoying this book. A bouquet of sundry characters merge in an organic way, peppered with plenty of swearing and permeated with wonderful fragrances : lapsang souchong, black cardomom, moss... There's the eighty year old great-grandmother, who discovers internet porn by misspelling "clocks" on Google. The documentary maker who films - over ten years - the fifteen metre journey of the walking palm Socratea Exhorrhiza. The philandering botanist and his questionable escapades. There are interiors overlaid in Liberty fabrics, mysterious seedpods and a frankincense tree.
There is even a bit of robin chat:
"It has woodness, but also intense fertee."

Spring is here now, in all of her finery. I have loved being at home this winter - living and breathing our garden. Seeing the light in emerging things, the painterly patterns deep inside flower petals.

In October I will be back at work for a very long time.
I will think of these days with much longing.


dinahmow said...

There is something about the broad bean's flower that speaks to me...perhaps the black-and-white..

the sourcerer said...

Indeed! And the fragrance, I think, is better than that of the sweet pea.

Marie said...

Lovely post, Lily.

the sourcerer said...

Thank you M. xx