Thursday, December 31, 2015

Year's end.

I made a mistake.
I had a bad feeling about accepting the last commercial of the year, but I did it anyway. It's only a week, I told myself.
It felt so much longer.
There's a feeling I've been getting lately - South Africa's plummeting rand has been good for the film industry, BUT ...
foreigners arrive here thinking that we are cheap, thus inferior.
I have never been treated with so much condescension and disrespect.

Afterwards, I burnt my notebook. I deleted all of the emails.
The bad feeling lingers.

Sometimes the only good thing about a job like that is the sheer relief when it ends.
And knowing that at home, the earth runs riot.

So much pleasure!

The frangipani blooms much pinker this year.

In a few weeks there will be figs.
The curry leaf tree is flowering now - the scent more intriguing than anything I know. At night we make fires, we brush against basil and bergamot.

I want to join the spotted black beetles as they dive drunkenly into pink blossoms. I want a peaceful new year, for you and for me.


dinahmow said...

I wish I could expunge the unpleasant element of human society.
But, like you, I am greatly comforted by growing things;things with wings and shifting seasons.
May this be a better year for all.

Leslie said...

Take their money and walk away knowing you're the better person by far.

Such gorgeous flowers - love the spidery arms and color combinations. Nothing like that in my back yard!

Hope your new year is kinder and more considerate!

the sourcerer said...

Thank you Friends! xx

ckzero said...

Take their money and walk away... Succinct.

Happy new year Lily!

PS: my spellchecker maak uit Lily Lilongwe :-)

the sourcerer said...

Dankie! selfde daar.... X

Marie said...


Big fat doormat, wipe your feet, burn it, toast marshmallows over the embers.


the sourcerer said...