Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hypochondriacs must love Google

I've had varying degrees of flu-like symptoms for the last week and for a laugh did a search on Google. So I went to the boot sale nursing my West Nile Fever ( fortunately not contagious ) and holding on to my flapping trench coat and scarf. It's one of those big weather Cape Town days - patches of brilliant blue sky, silvery dark cauliflower clouds and sudden showers of big plopping drops of rain. The few traders who turned up were mostly battening down the hatches from their cars, all misty-windowed with the breath of people and dogs. There was a happy looking farmer with mounds of beautiful Muscat grapes, dusky and slightly blushing. Found I was not in the mood for the book shop and now I am home looking forward to an afternoon on the couch.
Finished the Emmeline apron yesterday:

 I ordered the pattern from America. The envelope was post-marked Lincoln. My idea of where places are in the states is fuzzy at best. I need to go there one day.

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