Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tonsil Monkey Twilight Zone

So I've been pretty occupied with thoughts of chimpanzees and my favourite childhood toy has crossed my mind a few times. About thirty-seven years ago, I had my tonsils out and returned home to find a toy monkey waiting on my bed with open arms. He was holding a little bunch of flowers from the garden. I was very scared of the dark and Peanuts became my pillow and held my hand every night. In my twenties I gave a box of old toys to a children's home. It was really sad to see him go. Then, yesterday, I walked into a prop house on the foreshore and there he was. Flea-bitten and grubby. One wonky eye. Still has the stitching on the back of his neck done by my Mom. Some nail varnish courtesy of my six year old self. Hey Buddy. Where've you been?

1 comment:

tanja said...

no way! what are the odds? lost treasure indeed...btw I also had monkeys, a whole troupe of em, but none had such a natty top. d'you reckon he was once a right sailor boy?