Saturday, June 19, 2010

He made me smile

I saw a wonderful thing as I was driving back from the market today. A smallish Harley slowly cruised by me as the light turned green. The guy on it was wearing brown leathers and riding shotgun was a very happy Alsatian hound. The dog was stretched out in front of him on the seat, tongue lolling. There was a yellow vuvusela strapped upright on the back, flying an orange Holland scarf. My friend, you are the coolest dude in town.
I came home to find a flock of guinea fowl on the lawn.


sam said...

I wish I could have seen him too. But your description is great. wish he could see it!

Anonymous said...

I saw an orange jeep full of hollanders going down kloof str. they were singing and blowing vuvuselas out the windows. very happy tribe.