Tuesday, June 22, 2010

run run run

I started running again last week. Why I left it so long I couldn't say. I found this in one of my old journals: At the reservoir there was mist hanging over the water and the mountains were purple and crisply outlined. The waterfalls flashed silvery white against the darkness. I saw the ground coming up to meet my feet and the sky reflected in the puddles and all those insurmountable problems seemed smaller. Running heightens my senses. My skin buzzes and tingles. I feel strong and I feel light. I am replete. After my morning run, everything tastes and smells better. The scent of a banana makes me reel, fresh fruit juice feels velvety and luxurious on my tongue - full-bodied in the true sense of the word. 
All of these things are still true.


Chris said...

isn't that what I always said, Lil! happy you're listening for a change

Anonymous said...

when are you coming back to yoga??