Friday, November 11, 2011

Where the wheat goes...

We shot at Klipheuwel Township yesterday, across from the grain silos. I happened to say out loud that ever since I was a child, one of my biggest wishes has been to see the inside of a silo. Within moments I was handed a bright blue hard hat and up seven flights of stairs we scurried.
Then a ladder and a trap door... and the world lay spread out as far as you could see.

I said to Thomas, who was showing me around: "I never dreamt that I would ever see anything like this." And he replied: "Me neither." He lifted up a hatch to show me that the silo we were standing on was filled to the brim with white maize. And yes - it is true that if you open one of the little doors down below, a ton of grain will come pouring out!

Back on set, the children were fantastic as always and every hen had a brood of chicks.
It was a remarkable day.


Petro said...

Hi Lily,
Ek is bly jy het dit gedoen. My skoonpa was bestuurder by 'n kooperasie en hy het my eendag opgevat in die silo. Dit was wonderlik om so ver te kon. En die voëls was so naby, jy kon hulle vlieg hoor.

tanja said...

that is way, way cool. the inside of a silo. and those little trapdoors. wonder who gets to release those eh?

Marie said...

But is it true that if you climb onto the top if the white mealie grains, you will sink and be covered and lost forever?

I've always wondered.

jvdh said...

Ek wonder ook al lankal oor die silos. Deels omdat dit so teenstrydig is met die horsontaliteit van die mielielandskap, deels omdat daar geen vensters is nie, deels omdat ek nie my kop kan pas om die toring vol graan nie.


Karen Bekker said...

I got goose bumps just looking at the height of that silo- wild ravens wouldn't drag me!
Brave one- love the pictures x