Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The birds and the bees.

An unexpected bonus of shooting at a farm: you become involved with the inner workings of the place itself. Yesterday was a big day: it started with the Collie and about eight men rounding up the ewes.

460 of them. The traveling vet set up his ultrasound and spent the best part of the day dividing the ewes into groups: pregnant or not, pregnant with one lamb or twins. The ewes with twins are separated and given extra grazing. The ewes that aren't pregnant will be given one more chance next year and failing that, will be slaughtered.
It seemed like an undignified affair, but hardly a bleat was heard from these docile animals. On his screen, the vet showed me small skulls, tiny rows of ribs. He told me that he would be busy with sheep until the end of March and that he spent the rest of the year working with cows - "a much more complicated business".

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arcadia said...

Damn. Ek is mal oor skape. Hul is so aesthetically pleasing.