Thursday, February 23, 2012

Half way.

I have come to hate the N7. The desperation, the screaming mad cowboy drivers. Burning cars. Policemen poking around in ditches. Neon paint squiggles marking the scenes of untold horrors.

Then I get to the farm and the knot in my stomach unravels. At 6h30 the sky looks like something from the children's bible. The dogs run up to greet me and the farmer always has a story. Did you know that pigs gestate for exactly 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days? Groot Wit and Landras. You can set your watch by them, he says.
Soon my life will take other turns,
but I'll never forget this place.


Marie said...

I hate the N7, too - but I have never seen all that.

Farm sounds like a story.

ckzero said...

The N7 is long, very long. And it has some real highlights.

The way the landscape opens up when one hits the Knersvlakte, those meandering curves leading up to Kamieskroon, and the completely surreal descent down to the Orange River.

That first bit out to the Melkbos turn-off is a bit of a drag, I agree.

Bizarrely, there is a sign to Potsdam, right there where it is at it's worst.

The Sourcerer said...

Jy's reg. ek bedoel die stukkie wat elke dag ry, tot net na die Swartland 1-Stop. ek ken hom nie veel verder as dit nie.