Friday, July 6, 2012

Virgo Delights.

Chairs covered in pink cowhide (with hair!) at Hans Niehaus in Claremont.

A crocheted Impala at Weylandts.

Sleeping animals.

Winter meals. Polenta, roasted butternut and shallots, Bella tomatoes, caramelized Sage butter, pine nuts and Parmiggiano. (On a plate by Spode, retrieved from a shipwreck)

Sunny VW Combi's. I stop to photograph them and people wave. The Frenchman drives by and calls out: Bonjour Cherie!

A bit of whimsy.

Matches from Belgium, family sized avocado pears brought back from Natal.

The way the light shines into the office some days, when the rain isn't crashing down.

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