Sunday, July 1, 2012

When your car feels like home.

Left in the dark of morning, returned in the dark of night.
Hours in my car. Waiting for clearances. Working without a brief. Unexpected complications.

It was a tough week.
A scout went ahead and the pictures he brought back made me cry.
I fell irresistibly in love with a fat orphan baby.

They all made my heart contract.

Again, moments unphotographed: laundry day in Khayelitsha - lines of washing as far as the eye could see, one line containing only leagues of socks, pegged from big to small. Three young men next to the road with tall staffs and a vast herd of assorted dogs. And I told myself, wishfully: next time.


Marie said...

Jirre. Nou huil ek ook en ek is nie seker hoekom nie. Maar tog...

arcadia said...

Gaan drink 'n glas wyn en klim in die bed. xx

Karen Bekker said...

maybe no photos, but we see it just as you describe it x

Tanja said...

yes, maybe no photos but described is the way. though these photos here are context also.