Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keepsake #7.

During my recent move, I came across my grandmother's
autograph album, circa 1922.

Still wrapped in a yellowing, brittle piece of tissue paper.
Considered the "arty" one in the family, I have ended up with these fantastic bits of history.

The foxed pages are filled with sweet, old-fashioned messages and drawings and paintings by her friends...

Something about the drawing below caught our fancy - my sister and I copied it again and again.

This one we found hi-la-rious!

(behind the flap: now turn back again)

And, of course, the fine India Ink drawings of my grandfather. I still have his old dip pens and nibs, though I missed meeting him. It is one of my life's biggest regrets.

A million little things bind us together.


Marie said...

Ag... priceless. And beautiful.

I seem to see you there, in her smile. Do I imagine it?

And with a sob in my heart I wondered, Where is my autograph album? To which I had not given a thought since I was very little girl. That folded over page nearly did me in. We did that, too. No doubt coached by the habits handed down by our Oumas.

the sourcerer said...

Oh Marie - I'd like to think so.

I had one too, also lost along the way.

Been meaning to say: I wish I could bring my strong men and come and help you move...