Saturday, September 28, 2013

When my left eye jumps...

In Buddy Guy's song from 1962, When My Left Eye Jumps, he sings about a condition to do with love and voodoo and his woman's black cat bone... an altogether more interesting situation than the one I'm dealing with.

When my left eye jumps, I know that I'm stressed, overworked and spending too much time in front of a computer screen. We came back from a week on the wild West Coast and I jumped straight into the 1930's, a story about a German woman pilot. Issues with budget and crew, too little time and too little money.

The good thing about exhaustion, however, is that it eventually overrides my insomnia, and I get some good sleep, interwoven with whopping dreams.

(Rain Dog)
The new puppies at work definitely brought this one on:

A thin man in a pale linen suit approached me as I was walking along. He doffed his hat and said to me:
"I'm a spin genie. I can grant you two wishes, but I get to choose them. Interested?"
"The first one is this: when you touch someone just below their chin, they fall into a deep sleep. Very handy for boring people who won't stop talking OR for when you are feeling threatened.
The second is this: you now speak DOG."

We walked on and I had a few conversations with dogs. Very enlightening - dogs are so clever!
But then I noticed that I was also able to converse in excellent German.
"What's up with that?", I asked the spin genie.
"Oh - I forgot to mention, it's a language package deal - DOG comes with German and ahhhhhh," here he consulted his iPhone for a second, "Urdu."
Brilliant! I couldn't believe my luck.

Pity I didn't get to talk to the puppies. I have many questions for them.

(Harold's mid-morning slump.)
(Rain Dog's mid-morning slump. They do everything together.)
And this morning at the market, I wondered what this poodle in dalmatian livery was trying to tell me.


Rosie said...

I love it. That sounds like a fabulous dream. I am pleased that the dogs are clever :)

Marie said...

You're making this up. Dog, German and URDU.

Sounds about right.

For me it's the right eye.

Dream some more, then tell us, again.

the sourcerer said...

thank you, you two.
Marie, we were walking through fynbos and the genie was Christopher Walken, as in Seven Psychopaths.
tis true...

I woke up smiling.

Gemma said...

You must sign on as a vendor at my translation agency!

A lovely post, yet again.

xo Gemma
blueberry milk tea

the sourcerer said...

thank you Gemma! X