Saturday, May 24, 2014

Better the devil you know.

Things are barking mad this side. Two assistants, two swing gangs, two eight ton trucks... just not two of me. Then we have an art director somewhere in Natal, one here and a stoner of a production designer. Tends to repeat himself. German punctuality? Not so much.

I have to ask myself, at eleven on a Friday night, why I am steaming curtains at the SABC auditorium and not all snug at home. Why I lie awake at three composing emails in my head, making lists in the notebook on my night table. I am a part of this big snowball and right now I can't imagine a different life.

A moment's respite from the madness: Champion, driver, old friend, brings me some plantain this morning, cooked by his wife. It's delicious.

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