Monday, May 12, 2014

Plagued by pianos.

A message from the German production office: the director has requested that there may not be any pianos whatsoever on set. The lead actor fancies himself as a budding pianist and having a piano on set is counter-productive.

As luck would have it, there is a piano at almost every chosen location. In some instances, a baby grand piano. Not to be moved. So it's a question of the cunning construction of boxes that look like built-in cabinets with drawers or doors with handles and knobs... this is a part of my job that I dislike. Also the hiding of plugs and switches and signage that isn't period. I have, in the past, gotten away with hanging coats over electrical boxes on walls. Washcloths over taps.

Did you know that in Germany, paint colours have codes only, no names. I loved watching the German art director smile when we chose these colours for sets: "Bleached Meadow" for a prison, "Happy Ending" for an apartment and "Marshy Habitat" for a bush hospital.
A dream job, the namer of colours.

One doesn't think of autumn as being a time of growth, but things are happening. And the birds are hungry. I am hungry for my long-legged man, far away in La-La-Land. Ten more weeks.


Leslie said...

I've been following your eclectic blog for a while now. I enjoy the somewhat oddball posts and looks into places I'll never see and insights into set decoration, something I know little about. When you said your long legged man was going away for a long time, I envisioned years. So glad to hear it's now only a matter of weeks.

the sourcerer said...

Thanks very much for writing, Leslie. Maybe I'm being a bit of a wuss... but these three months (and 12 days) feel like a very long separation. . . perhaps because if you look at the big picture, we haven't been together all that long. And because he's in a place which I can't imagine. I am very glad indeed that it isn't years!! One slips so easily into complacency - this is, if nothing else, a big wake up call.

Marie said...

10. More. Weeks. That IS long, Lily.

Sorry. Not helping. Aloes - the growing surprise, for me, when I saw my mom's in front of the house, last May.

Hiding the pianos. Can't make that up.