Friday, November 28, 2014

Bergamot and heartwood.

This is the work that allows me to take time off in the Winter. It is my livelihood and I should be thankful. And of course I am... but sometimes I become resentful. All of a sudden I am not only responsible for myself, but for a team of six. The emotions, the particular problems, the language barriers. It's more depleting than any physical work, of which there is a fair share as well.

In the garden the fennel has grown taller than me. In the evenings I water and I long to spend more time there. The turmeric is shooting up by a foot a week. I brush against the bergamot bush and think of Aida. People are wonderful, and terrible.
Mostly a bit of both.


Leslie said...

Lovely post. My garden is the place I go when I need quiet and no people. Which is often.

Marie said...

xx Hope to see you...inbetween.

tanja wllmot said...

Aida would have been so happy to be amongst your turmeric and fennel. Perhaps she already is. x

the sourcerer said...

A lovely thing to say - thank you Miss T. xx