Saturday, January 31, 2015

Have you lost something?

A strange pair we make - walking, bent over, scanning the veldt. Concerned people want to help us find what it is we are looking for. How to explain the thrill of finding fragments of a distant daily life? 

On a ramble three weeks ago, I found a particularly intriguing shard of porcelain - the letter "O"...
Exactly one week later, I found the entire plate at the Milnerton Market. That's the kind of synchronicity that makes one gasp.

Tunstall, England, 1890's.


Leslie said...

Those bizarre little happenings are amazing, aren't they? Have had a few very odd ones in my life time. Love the shards. Will you do something with them or simply enjoy as is?

the sourcerer said...

Leslie, I have jars full!
But I have used some to mosaic part of a bathroom wall.