Monday, May 25, 2015

Heaven is a place.

While Tannie Sylvie has a bathroom built in the old house, we have to stay elsewhere. My first thought was - how will the birds find us? I needn't have worried.

They were there in under a minute. 

For several days, behind the boat shed, a coppery mole snake lay in the sun digesting his dinner.
I surprised an eland one night when I went to toss an avocado pip into the bushes. We shone a torch and there he was, rising out of the mist. He regarded us solemnly, small puffs of warm breath escaping as he chewed. Then he turned and slowly walked away. Beyond him stood four more. It made me smile lying in bed and hearing their hooves on the concrete floor of the veranda.

The squeals and whistles of francolins, the honking of the flamingoes on the lagoon.

Just before we left I put out a ripe guava and a gang of speckled mousebirds landed for the feast. 

A rorschach test, just for us.
It was hard to leave.


Marie said...

Dit is te mooi.

the sourcerer said...

That place makes my heart swell...