Sunday, May 31, 2015


This is the time that I look forward to, when I work. Nowhere to be, no alarm clocks. Nothing much to worry about, besides getting the bread in the oven...

I end those films deeply weary. I don't give myself the chance to get ill when I'm working and invariably get the flu straight after.

When we do the work we do, personal things heap up - I'd like to write more - there are unfinished posts in my box, there are photographs I had plans for. There is a pile of mending on the chair. I think of the doctor who laughed when I asked him if he did any other sewing - his suture was so neat and his method so meticulous. He laughed and said: No, just skin.

On my external drive I found these photographs the other day, from some years back and two cameras ago. Coffee with friends. The cake was delicious - it was their wedding cake a while before that. Similar to panettone or colomba, but better. Light and fruity with a sugary crust.

I spent some time looking at their collections, so lovely.

And I think that I haven't seen them in a long time and I should change that. A year ago we stood in the park watching a band play soul music and looking up, we saw a boy and a girl up in a tree, kissing.

The rain is falling at a slant, birds are stripping the last dark berries from the myrtle. It was time for the first fire in the grate last night. Bones and muscles will knit and scars will fade.

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