Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ode to Bread.

I've always wanted to bake real sourdough bread. The San Francisco stuff with the starter and the heaps of trouble and bedevilment. Baking - especially bread baking, has always made me feel so virtuous. All that kneading - like a farmer's wife!

I pored over those recipes. Page one would have me enthralled, but by the time I reached page four I always seemed to have lost my enthusiasm. Enter No Knead Bread...
Labelled Sourdough in the last Platteland, I made it the very day the magazine arrived.

Loaf after loaf after loaf.

There are thousands of variations on the internet. Click here for the basic recipe. Lately I've been making it with rye flour and sometimes have left the dough for almost an entire day before baking it.

So let the dough forgive you and get over the guilt.
For it is true: some things in life are easy.


Leslie said...

Ah, gorgeous bread - bravo! I've been making bread from "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day" for years, but this recipe is different so will give it a try. Love the rustic look of your loaves. And nothing rivals the taste of home made bread fresh out of the oven. It's the only food I slather with butter before I eat it.

Marie said...

Wonderlik, Lily. I love the loaf after loaf pics. How does it look, sliced? I must STILL make it.

the sourcerer said...

Yes, the smell as it bakes.... heavenly. Though admittedly I also slather butter on too many other things!
I've been planning to photograph it sliced, but we eat it all before I remember.
I find the more white flour, the bigger the bubbles, the crustier the crust. The more rye, the denser, the moister and not as crusty. But all good.
Next variation is that I will toast some steel cut oats and add to the mix.