Friday, January 22, 2016

Wheel in the sky.

My world has lost two of the good people.
Both so suddenly gone.
I hadn't yet come to terms with losing my gentle, funny co-worker when I learnt that a dear old friend was in a coma.

At her bedside there were no chairs, no flowers. I had imagined it differently. She was beautiful and peaceful - as if merely sleeping. It was her birthday and I read her some messages from people who were far away. I told her something from long ago.
Then I said good bye.

I wrapped a job and came home to yet more fires raging on the mountains. The air thick with smoke,
a fine layer of ash covering everything.

In the garden, a blood lily is blooming for the very first time.


Marie said...

I am sorry, Lily.

Rosie said...

Such a great sadness to lose friends. Thinking of you Lily X

the sourcerer said...