Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Valentine.

A quiet man.
He lays out my clean laundry in interesting combinations.

When I'm down, he doesn't leave me alone until I crack a smile.
For Valentine's day, he gives me bunches of lilies and heart-shaped Lindt.

Not bad for a non-believer.


Marie said...

Nice underwear, doll :-)

Eunice E Pansini said...

I love your style.. it's so young and beautiful.. my, where has time gone. Now I am so old, I can but admire the beauty of youth, and the energy they have.. but, it's the old adage, as one grows older, you appreciate the youth and their energies.. But, above all, I love those garments.. so feminine and beautiful.. I LOVE IT ALL..

the sourcerer said...

Thank you Eunice - what you wrote made me smile the whole day long. X

Leslie said...

Two pair of knickers under your jeans? Interesting. And that pink bra features quite a lot, must be a favorite.
Great post.

the sourcerer said...

A friend of mine, years ago before he married, was known to all of us as a bit of a rake - always with a new woman on his arm. They never lasted long and barely had a chance to make an impression - except for one of them I will never forget - solely because she had the strange habit of wearing her bra over a skin tight top....
I had to make a concerted effort not to stare!