Monday, June 27, 2011

The Oracle of Google, part 2.

(The keys that lead people through my door, via Feedjit)

"friend ask me to slowdance" - Grapevine, Texas.
"picture of fat lady sat on bench showing stomach" - Grindley, UK.
"why are Lebanese so picky" - Miami, Florida.
"flaming torch beating heart tuning fork" - Austin, Texas.
"twilight zone monkey toy" - Brooklyn, NY.
"how long can we keep the quail eggs in the can" - St Louis, Missouri.
"there's something about Edna" - New York, NY.
"Ernest Hemingway theft in a cake shop" - Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
"manayaise chocolate cake" - Kuwait.
"jacaranda blooms and purple thoughts blow minds" - Palermo, Sicily.
"crispy light vetkoek" - Johannesburg, South Africa.
"kids kissing passionately" - Mountain View, California.


Karen said...

I love it- its so entertaining...yesterday I had, 'Great big smashing booty'...think they were disappointed!

The Sourcerer said...

ha ha!
I often get "cape town sluts"... ditto.

D said...

I got a creepy one recently - "hang nude woman"

The Sourcerer said...

'valentines day exquisite fanny I will horsewhip'
an older English gentleman?