Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A perfect winter's day.

For walking down Long Street...
For coffee and cake with the charming Miss Leblond.

Along the way, at Galleria Fortunata, this kimono I covet:

But it costs arms and legs. 7 500 of them. :-(
This vintage shirt I bought:

A pussycat bow in celebration of the days steadily getting longer. R 150 at Joy's.
Very sad news from Saskia: Misfit is closing down. I've been shopping there for almost a decade.

Tong Lok's lovely signs this week are painted by hand.
Bumped into Papa San on my way home. Takumi is closed for the week, as he's starring in the role of the comical and evil mastermind "Mr Chan" in the local film production "Copposites", also starring Rob van Vuuren.


Roy said...

I miss home..

Karen said...

Roasted duck....yum...