Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Winter solstice.

Spent some time with my old friend Chocolate.

The Gateau au Chocolat recipe will be published in my food column at Hy Sê Sy Sê shortly.
Did some sewing.

All the while thinking of this dream I have, the one that's finally coming true. I am moving upstairs to where there's a room tucked into the eaves. With skylights.
The shortest day.
And the longest night.


Adi said...

Yay for you Lily Turner!
where in the blazes did you get the coolest pillow slips in the world?

Lily Turner said...

thanks Adi!
I made them. Mexican tattoo fabric from Hadeda on Dunkley Square.

Chris said...

wayyyy cool.

Karen said...

Such beautiful pictures Lily! x

Lily Turner said...

thanks friends!

Marie said...

Skylights? Explain. I love your house.

Lily Turner said...

Marie, I'm staying in the same block, but up two floors. much more space, huge bedroom, 2 x dakvensters. one faces signal hill, the other the table.
I am beside myself with excitement!