Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boot sale bounty.

Finally made it to the SARDA boot sale in Constantia this morning. (third Saturday of every month) Bumped into Braam, haggling over some porcelain ducks. Found something that I've been needing - a working kitchen scale:

And something I didn't know I needed, until I saw it - a turquoise lamé evening dress...

Left the horse people and drove back via Milnerton market. Ernest had this heavy and gorgeously engraved plated tray. Didn't know I needed that either.

Inscribed: Presented by the Brethren of St Patrick's Lodge to Wor. Bro. & Mrs A.L.Marshall on the occasion of their marriage. 26 - 6 - 39,  with the Masonic compass and square rule. I know very little about Free Masonry, but have always been a little fascinated by the secrecy and ritual.


Roy said...

hey Lil, my dad knows a lot about the masons. sure he'll be happy to natter to you about it ad infinitum. and he said the other day he misses you. give him a call.

The Sourcerer said...


Karen said...

Can't believe I had to miss it this week! Kids schedule tore me away- love the dress! x
PS- Also got a scale from the nice gentleman with all the scales - ours is orange.

The Sourcerer said...

it was great... had to tear myself away from some great vintage clothes. a paisley velvet suit... a long orange and yellow linen dress... I'll be back!