Sunday, July 10, 2011

A smashing party.

I felt honored last night to attend the birthday party of the art teacher. Him and his beautiful wife live in a cottage in the woods. You follow an overgrown pathway strung with fairy lights and in the distance, there's the sound of tinkling glasses and music. It feels like a delicious secret.

And talking about delicious... the art teacher had requested "man food". His wife obliged. There was a slow cooked Cassoulet with haricot beans, chorizo and pork belly. Clouds of mashed potato on the side. I had two man-size helpings. This woman knows her onions.

(Above, the sourcerer's nominee for best-dressed guest.)

A few enchanted hours with friends old and new, bathed in flickering flames and infinite goodwill.

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Karen said...

Oh Lily, that's so beautiful, thank you.
Your perfectly chosen and wonderful CD is playing loud and long- I'm gently swaying to the music, savanna in