Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Birthdays and Love Affairs.

I remember writing a post with the same title, exactly one year ago. On the surface, everything in my life has changed since then. But one thing stays constant -
I am surrounded by a group of loyal friends who make the world a better place to be in.

I spent my birthday yesterday on a recce in the hills. A three month job is a great present indeed. On a solitary sortie on a meandering path, this large egg lay casually to the side - no ostrich parent in sight.

Whenever I go to informal settlements, it's always the children and the animals that get to me. I think about my lucky childhood and the garden I had to play in, and these children with their ready smiles and laughter, playing with sticks and bits of plastic.

Employment, supper with my best friends, music and flowers, messages and letters.
This old world is painful sometimes, but there's beauty in it too. The love affair continues.


D said...

Happy birhday!

D said...

ugh. One of those days. Insert 't'

The Sourcerer said...

oh thank you!

petro said...

Baie geluk. Ek is bly daar is so baie vreugdes in jou lewe. Jy bring iets wonderliks in my dag deur al die goed wat jy skryf.

The Sourcerer said...

ag dankie Petro - dit maak my bly!