Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The verdict.

 Lately I've been getting a lot of invitations to events with the very thinly veiled "and then you can write about it on your blog". I've even been offered free stuff "for a mention". People say to me: but you can make money - advertise!
Well. No thanks. I've never wanted to do that here.
I think the most important thing is that this my place. I like it here. This is not work.

Do I feel sheepish that I couldn't even stay away for two weeks? Nope. I am listening to my heart -
thank you Marie.
I've been spending some time on the farm around the corner. Spring is really here. My friend the Jujuman tells me that this sheep is in love with him. My special beau is one of the medium sized black pigs. He sees me and comes galloping along to snuffle my shoes. Sometimes he just parks his snout against my shin and we stand there for a while, both of us slightly at a loss. It's a slobbery business, but it fills me with well-being.


Chris said...


Karen said...

Welcome back Lily!

Marie said...

:-) Both of you slightly at a loss. That's lovely.

Welkom terug.

The Sourcerer said...

thank you lovely ladies and gent!

tanja said...

a beau is always a a good thing. he'll deffo snore though, s'all I'm saying. glad you took a natural pause and you are back. we like you here. advert free, yes. that is good too.

The Sourcerer said...

thanks Miss T.
ah... the snoring beau. it is my lot.