Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bittersweet Sunday.

 A good haul at the boot sale, for work and for me. A composite doll in a handmade Dutch dress. A cigar box - the price tag could have been written by my long-gone Grandmother. It reminded me of the papery skin on the back of her hands and I missed her. Another Chinese carved cork diorama (14 x 12 cm). A bunch of king proteas, from the seller outside Kwagga Books. He smiled and handed me a bunch of poppies as I left:
"met liefde my nooi".

And farewell to my honey at the airport. An important thing unsaid, now said. It was hard to let him go. Until 12 December. Istanbul.


Marie said...


Marie said...

The doll's clothes ruffled a memory. Not precise. Something about material and lace and a doll of mine, and her wardrobe.

Karen said...

Only 50 days till then and they are sure to fly by in a blurr of work....Istanbul- so exciting- and terribly romantic! x

arcadia said...

Ai, jong. Beter dae. Sterkte met die lang nagte.