Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wonders of the Modern Age.

I used to send this Cyanide and Happiness cartoon to my friends with iphones.

A small case of sour grapes perhaps, because now that I have one I'm hooked. (I still think it's really funny when a bunch of people are together socially and they're all glued to their phones instead of talking). One of the most fun things to play with is the Hipstamatic app. It's so easy to take atmospheric photos without spending hours in Photoshop. The square format, the colours - it all appeals to my sense of nostalgia. Of course the Canon is still my baby, but for capturing quick images and being unobtrusive, the phone wins.

The pincushions were birthday flowers from my honey - they turn electric at night. The toilet bowl is at the Daily Deli, around the corner from where I live - it's ancient and very beautiful. The Liberty lawn turned into pillow slips on Sunday night. They are so smooth and soft - I highly recommend. As I sewed them I thought of my grandmother telling me that her mother forbade her to sew on a Sunday - it would be like poking a needle in God's eye! What a thing to tell a child...

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