Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Christmas Turkey.

In between running around, changing the CTICC into an airport in Vienna, turning a farm building into an orphanage somewhere in deepest darkest Africa, miles of curtains and furniture and wind pumps and graveyards and and and... the lists continue into eternity and I dream of them at night. In between all of that, I dashed to the travel agent during lunch today and bought a ticket to Istanbul. Just like that!
There is a Turkish photographer/film director whom I admire greatly. It's not so common to find photos of Istanbul in Winter, but Nuri Bilge Ceylan has taken some beauties.

He won the award for best director in the 2008 Cannes Festival for his film Üç Maymun (Three Monkeys). At the end of his acceptance speech, he said: "I dedicate this award to my beautiful and lonely country, which I love passionately."

Simmering excitement.


Chris said...


Marie said...

The best!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!

Petro said...

Lily, dis die mooiste foto's. Sal Istanbul graag in die winter wil sien. Ek hoop jy ervaar Istanbul met jou hele hart.

The Sourcerer said...


Petro said...

Wonderlike foto's. Ek was al in baie plekke, maar Istanbul en sy mense bly by my. Jy moet dit met jou hele wese geniet.

ckzero said...

Christmas Turkey! Brilliant.

Har har har! Jou pa se wit wat deurkom.

Bon voyage.