Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Eating Istanbul.

That's what I was planning to do - bit by delicious bit. I forgot about my sensory overload problem. Place me in a foreign country and my appetite promptly disappears. Like being in love... and there's that too. So I walk my walks and here and there I take a small bite. (Knowing that next week maybe, I will suffer huge regret.)

In a back alley off Istiklal this morning I spotted a tray of medlars, some of them perfectly bletted. The man watched me as I looked for the most shriveled and aromatic one - oozing a little sticky juice, and nodded his approval. I nipped it - like a vampire - and sucked the pulp from it. Heavenly apple sauce! He blew me a kiss as I walked off into the rain.

Lunch was half an aubergine roasted in a smoky wood oven. Lamb and pine nuts. To such bedlam! Some people have no manners...


Chris said...



Marie said...

Ag shame! For the lack of appetite (but for the best reasons), and for knowing how to eat a medlar, and for the bedlam.

The Sourcerer said...

:-) back at ya big C.

it would have broken my heart if that cat was scrawny, but he was well padded. and good lungs