Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday's child has far to go.

In my dream last night I was trying to climb a steep and sandy cliff. Large noses poked out of the sand, taunting me. A tall man hollered from the top of the cliff, he said: Come around this way!
On the other side, the sand was meshed with thick tree roots. Just before I reached the top, the cliff overhang started crumbling. As it exploded the man reached down for my right hand. I grabbed his left foot, and linked in this fashion we were launched high up into the air.
A thought flashed through my mind as we plummeted down from the sky: Please don't let this man break.
Seconds before impact, the world slowed down and we landed with a small thump on a soft grass mat.
The people there cheered and laughed.
It's magic! Julle is getoor!

I woke with a start just after two to the sound of heavy raindrops on the skylights. A thunder storm in the making. It's a blue day: wet leaves and Jacaranda carnage. I wish it were easier to take a leap of faith and I know why it isn't. I wish I could stay at home today - just me and the howling wind for company.


Chris said...

we all have days like that...
what a dream though.

The Sourcerer said...

thanks Big C.
lack of sleep never beneficial...

D said...

music that might help -

The Sourcerer said...

oh so right up my alley!
thanks Lima Bean!

D said...

glad you liked - whole album is only US$10 at her website. Amazing production for a first album.