Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mysterious Cities.

This is Antakya or Antioch - it's on the Turkish border of Syria, in the South. It is an old testament fortress, and has the largest collection of ancient mosaics in the world. I would like to go there.

I went to Istanbul with a very empty suitcase and came back 4kgs over. Reason?
TOWELS. From Antakya. Organic cotton, hand-loomed on wooden looms, washed in olive oil soap. Thick ones (three days to make), thin ones (one day to make). Quick drying, super-absorbent and so beautiful, they had me a-flutter.


Karen Bekker said...

I tried to imagine when you told me- but wow they are absolutely gorgeous- I must feel them!

arcadia said...

Ek sou ook 4kg oor gewees het.