Monday, January 23, 2012

The undocumented, documented.

I take so many pictures that sometimes my life starts feeling like a big old scrapbook. Yesterday as I half-rose from the lunch table to get my camera, I thought about the best meal I ate in
Istanbul and I sat down again.

So here's to the man who set his alarm at hourly intervals throughout the night to beat the homemade ice-cream. To the gentle flower by his side, smart as a whip. To peacocks in the distance and guinea fowl in the yard, to fresh Thai Basil and Cook Shops and sparkly seas and big cities and freshly ground coffee and... to the internet. That nebulous thing which brought us all together.


D said...

There are very few scrapbooks I enjoy reading as much as yours, Lily of the impeccable eye. It is wonderful to discover that the real you is as delightful as thecapetownsourcerer.

The Sourcerer said...

that's a very lovely thing to say - thank you D!

Marie said...

Mooi, Lily.

Good ice cream , D.