Monday, January 9, 2012

They live in different time zones...

She goes to bed while he eats lunch.
She wakes up and he's just dined.

The Knife Thrower's Assistant
There are so many stories I still want to write.

What became of the hours as he flew
back to yesterday?
And what do you say to the director when he says: Oh we'll have to shoot that in Berlin. Your sky is just way too blue.
My sky.

One windy night she forgets to close the skylights and while he eats lunch, the bed is covered in Syringa petals. She wakes up smiling.


Chris said...

Lily Lily!

wonderful beautiful words and pictures.
got back late last night. you would LOVE India.
x x

D said...

Just perfect. Thank you.

The Sourcerer said...