Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keepsake #6.

My mother gave me a very special gift today, she gave me my grandmother's engagement ring. Still in it's original box from Ritter's Jewellers and Watchmakers, Port Elizabeth & Grahamstown.
Oupa and Ouma were married in 1932. He was a bookkeeper from Prince Albert, she was secretary to the town lawyer in Humansdorp, Mr. Jones. Oupa walked past Ouma on the street one day and said: "That's the girl I'm going to marry."
He died in 1964, but Ouma wore his ring until the day she died, aged 85. I remember her taking it off in the kitchen and at night before bed.

Peter James Marx and Eva Annie Haskings, my grandparents.


Karen Bekker said...

it's am exquisite ring! x

The Sourcerer said...

and it fits!

Marie said...

A real ring. In every sense.

tanja said...

it's lovely. I'm sure your grandma would be so pleased that it now belongs to you, the treasurer of things exquisite.