Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Shop.

I have always wanted a shop. It's in my blood. My Great-Grandfather had a wagon-making business in Elim. My Grandfather had a general dealers in the Eastern Cape, called Rademeyer & Saffrey. My Great Aunt Lil had Haskings Bottle Store and Tobacco Depot. I loved the smell of those cloth bags filled with Boxer Tobacco.
So, the other day, I opened a shop. It's virtual for now (though it lives in my head in sparkling technicolor... and is packed away in my
Grandfather's wardrobe).

And who knows...
the way to climb a mountain and all of that.
Horror Vacui  - the shop to fill your empty spaces.


Marie said...

Perfect name. When you get your physical shop, could it have a stoep, so that when I'm old I can come and sit and drink coffee and skinner on it?

the sourcerer said...

and by the way, for a little while, I considered calling it "Boeretroos"

tanja said...

did I say it, or did I just think it. the shop is perfect in every way. the archivist and the auctioneer are there alongside the artist, the photographer and the designer. the shopkeeper reigns supreme I imagine. either way, you have one helluva team, I hope they all have coffee together first thing on a monday morning. a stoep would be perfect, one with ferns growing out the cracks in the flagstones by the leiwater.

the sourcerer said...

thank you Ms T!
and just so you know, there's always a cup of coffee with your name on it, and perhaps a dish of apple crumble.